Nordic Skiing and Skating The Lake Windermere Whiteway

Experience the Longest skating trails in the world on the giant Whiteway in Invermere, British Columbia, Canada combined with exceptional Mountain and Creekside trail system and Nordic Center at Panorama Mountain Resort and more…

Located in the heart of the Columbia Valley, join us for a fun-filled, 2-day cross country ski weekend at the Toby Creek Nipika Panorama Loppet. On Saturday, January 27th the Classic Races will be hosted at Nipika Mountain Resort and on Sunday, January 28th, the Skate Races will be hosted at Panorama Mountain Resort.

The Lake Windermere Whiteway

The Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club is proud to promote and maintain the Lake Windermere Whiteway. The Whiteway is a 34km groomed track that runs all the way around the lake and connects the towns of Invermere and Windermere.

The Whiteway has tracks for classic cross-country skiers, a groomed skate skiing track, and a cleared ice-skating track.

There are three official entry points onto the Whiteway; one at Kinsmen beach in Invermere, one at the Invermere Bay Condos in Invermere, and one at Windermere beach.

Each entry point has a large timber frame sign which provides user information, maps, information about the local Nordic skiing club, and a donation box.


Discover a cross-country skiing destination like no other. The Columbia Valley is home to three diverse nordic skiing experiences, offering over 100 km of classic and skate skiing trail systems for you to explore.

Experience the Longest skating trail in the world on the giant Lake Windermere Whiteway in Invermere, BC, or it’s little sister the Lake Lillian Whiteway 10 minutes away. Explore the magnificent trail network of Nipika Mountain Resort offering more than 50km of professionally groomed trails and a beautiful backcountry escape in the Rocky Mountains. Finally,  combine the exceptional mountain and creekside trail system at Panorama Nordic Center at Greywolf with the acclaimed Panorama Mountain Resort for an unforgettable mountain vacation.

If you are searching for a place to go that offers a wide variety of cross-country ski experiences, the Columbia Valley combination of Nipika Mountain Resort, The Lake Windermere Whiteway and the Panorama Nordic Centre at Greywolf will meet your needs.

Toby Creek Nordic Ski
Toby Creek Nordic Ski

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