Washington Post | The Powder Highway through the Canadian Rockies

Panorama Resort on the Powder Highway

John Briley of the Washington Post hit the Powder Highway making several stops including Panorama Mountain Resort and RK Heli Ski.

Returning to the top, we follow the aroma of grilling meat into the Summit Hut, a homey little log cabin with million-dollar views where storm-whipped skiers are swapping stories over bratwurst, chili, coffee and beer. Sharing our table is a guy cut from the Canadian Rockies — weather-cured face, wisps of brown hair, quiet confidence — who volunteers why he bought property at Panorama. “This mountain’s huge, it’s never crowded and I can get here in three-and-a-half hours” from Calgary, he says. “And if the snow’s no good I can go out with RK.”

Discover Panorama and other winter activities here.

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