Panorama Mountain Resort Certified as the First Whitebark Pine Friendly Ski Resort in Canada

Adding to their already long list of environmentally ethical efforts and sustainability, Panorama Mountain Resort has been certified as a Whitebark Pine Friendly Ski Area by the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada

“Panorama has been supporting whitebark pine recovery initiatives for almost 30 years, and we’re incredibly proud to be the first Canadian lift-accessed resort recognized as a Whitebark Pine Friendly Ski Area,” said Steve Paccagnan, President & CEO of Panorama Mountain Resort. 

The number of Whitebark pine has significantly dropped due to a non-native fungal disease known as white pine blister rust that has been infecting and killing the trees at an alarming rate, making them an endangered species. 

Panorama’s recovery efforts in collaboration with the White Pine Ecosystem Foundation have been cone collecting and tree planting within the resort area. They also create outreach opportunities and workshops to educate and involve the community and guests in their efforts to protect and encourage whitebark pine restoration. 

Learn more about the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem of Canada, and discover what efforts you can make to help restore the endangered whitebark pine at

Photo Credit: Panorama Mountain Resort / Zoya Lynch

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