Panorama Bike Park Opening Weekend | May 18-19, 2019

Mountain Biking Invermere PanoramaThe Panorama Bike Park Team is pumped to announce the details of opening weekend May 18th in a new article on PinkBike:

Beyond excited to lean into this axiom this time of year. As we prepare to open the bike park for another gravity fueled summer the concern is not knowing what warming temps will reveal as the snowy veil is pulled back. Indiscriminate and without reason winter can nurture some areas, curing the dirt into something better than you left it while perplexity laying waste to others. So far, this spring has proven to be something of a blessing leaving the crew encouraged by what mother nature has gifted so far

Panorama Bike Park will be open every weekend from now until June 28th when they go to 7 days/week operations.

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Read the full article here.

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