Best Lap in BC? | Biking the Hopeful Trail with the Loam Ranger at Panorama

Have you ridden one of the best mountain bike trails in British Columbia?

He calls it the “perfect lap” and claims it’s in his top three – possibly even his favorite – mountain biking trails of all time because it has everything a mountain bike aficionado could want in a downhill.

This is how well-known YouTuber and mountain biking enthusiast, The Loam Ranger, describes the Hopeful Trail at Panorama BC. In his latest video, the Loam Ranger starts up at the top in the loose scree (bits of broken rock that are a fantastic challenge for even the most-seasoned rider) and rolls down some of the fastest single track he says he’s ever ridden, finishing it off with a casual cruise through the high flying jumps and sweet, twisting berms of the bike park at Panorama Mountain Resort.

What do you think? Do you believe him? Have you ridden the Hopeful Trail? Guess you’ll just have to come ride it for yourself!

For more information on the Loam Ranger, check out his YouTube channel The Loam Ranger


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