Current Weather Invermere BC

Current Weather

Historical & Average Invermere Weather

  • The average annual temperature in Invermere is 3.8 °C
  • Yearly rainfall in Invermere averages 558mm or 46.5mm per month
  • The average wind is 5.6 km/h and does not vary greatly throughout the year

Fun Invermere BC Weather Facts

  • March, April & October are the driest months in Invermere
  • The variation in annual temperature is ~25.5 degrees Celsius
  • The sunniest time of year is the end of July and early August
  • June 21st is the longest day in Invermere at 16hrs and 28 minutes of daylight

Kinsmen Beach 1

Courtesy of the District of Invermere

Spring & Summer Weather in Invermere

  • Spring typically arrives in Invermere in March
  • Snow can remain on higher elevations for several months, offering the chance to golf and ski on the same day!
  • June sees more average precipitation than April or May


  • Summer Invermere temperatures are mild and warm
  • The hottest weather in Invermere typically occurs around early August
  • Average precipitation is 45mm per month

Fall Weather In Invermere

Fall in Invermere is temperate and perfect for outdoor activities:

Winter Weather in Invermere BC

  • Snowfall primarily accumulates in the mountains in Invermere, with the valley receiving less.
  • The lakes surrounding Invermere are usually frozen over by the beginning of December.
  • The coldest temperatures in Invermere occur late Dec/early Jan
  • Winters temperatures in Invermere average between -10°C and 0°C.

Downtown Invermere

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Copper Point Golf Club

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